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New cases outnumber recoveries as 7 more die from COVID-19

Death count lowest since Monday

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Lucas de Gálvez and San Benito markets, Merida’s largest, are scrubbed and sanitized while closed to the public after 47 vendors were found infected with coronavirus. The mercados are halfway through a 14-day shutdown. Photo: Courtesy

While 44 coronavirus patients recovered in the past 24 hours, 52 new cases arrived.

Of the newly detected infections, 41 were found in the state capital, Yucatan health officials said Sunday. Other new patients were identified in Dzitás, Espita, Hunucmá, Izamal, Kanasín, Maxcanú, Ticul, Tinum, Tizimín, Umán and Valladolid.

Seven patients died, the lowest one-day number in a week.

A Merida woman, 59, with a history of hypertension, was the youngest to perish. A 92-year-old Kanasín man with cirrhosis of the liver was the oldest. One of his contacts has mild symptoms of the virus. The average age of the deceased was 74.

This brings to 208 the number of COVID-19 deaths in Yucatan.

Since the crisis began in March, 1,837 people have tested positive for coronavirus and 1,301 have recovered, or nearly 71%.

Another 191 patients are in stable condition and in quarantine, while 152 are being hospitalized, 16 more than Saturday.

The neighboring state of Quintana Roo reported that accumulated confirmed cases reached 1,883 and deaths climbed to 352. The municipality of Benito Juárez leads the figures for infections by a wide margin. Of the cases, 1,062 recovered, 310 are in quarantine and 159 are in the hospital.

Here is a live chart tracking Yucatan’s coronavirus fight, by the numbers.

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