New coronavirus cases spike in Yucatan, reaching 24-day high

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Waiting for their bus, residents in Mérida’s Centro wear face masks in a queue that stretched along Calle 57 on Wednesday morning. Photo: Lee Steele / YEL

Jumping by 22 in one day, new COVID-19 cases in Yucatan rose again and exceeded 100 for the first time this month.

State health officials reported 114 infections and seven deaths in the past 24 hours. Daily coronavirus cases have been on the rebound since Thursday when they jumped from 45 to 73 in one day.

Tuesday’s new infections were the highest since Oct. 25 when 167 new cases were reported. The last time daily infections were in triple digits was Oct. 31, with 101 new cases.

Of the current patients, 89 were pronounced recovered while hospitalizations dropped by one to total 133. Another 600 patients are allowed to recuperate at home under medical supervision.

New cases included 102 in Mérida; two in Progreso and Umán; and one in Chichimilá, Hunucmá, Izamal, Kanasín, Motul, Oxkutzcab and Tekit.

Those who perished included five men and two women who ranged in age from 57 to 73. Five resided in Mérida, one in Umán and the other in Tizimín.

Since the crisis began, 23,183 infections and 2,664 deaths have been attributed to the coronavirus statewide. The real number of patients in Yucatan is thought to be much higher since medical personnel has not reached most residents.

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