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New COVID cases in Yucatán below 200 for 1st time since June 9

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A photo originally published in Por Esto shows a disorganized crowd waiting for the coronavirus vaccine at Yucatan’s military hospital.

Daily coronavirus cases in Yucatán fell below 200 for the first time since June 9, state health officials said.

Doctors documented 199 new cases, compared with 283 the day before, and 15 fatalities related to COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Merida’s vaccination campaign was funneled into one location, the regional military hospital — El Hospital Militar Regional de Especialidades — where disorganization and long lines in the hot sun provoked numerous complaints. The messiness stands in contrast with the much-praised and highly efficient vaccination centers previously set up at La Plancha and the Canaco auditorium.

The change was reportedly undertaken to save money.

Tuesday’s health briefing, however, indicated at least momentary progress. Hospitalizations were down slightly, to 248 patients, when those numbers topped 300 as recently as July 17.

Home quarantines were reduced significantly when 274 patients were discharged, leaving 1,677 under medical supervision.

Fatalities included 12 men and 3 women ranging in age from 37 to 82.

Since April 2020, 5,112 people are known to have died from the coronavirus in Yucatán.

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