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New gas stations with familiar names to appear in Yucatán

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Gulf stations will make expats feel at home in Yucatán in 2018. Photo: Gulf Oil

Mérida, Yucatán — Real competition between gas stations begins on the Peninsula in 2018 when established brands begin to appear here.

The Energy Regulatory Commission said that Costco, Gulf, ExxonMobil, Texaco, Lukoil, Valero and Walmart among others names, will appear for the first time alongside Yucatán’s roads.

Unlike La Gas, these gas stations will have supplier other than Pemex, which for decades ran the only gas stations in Mexico. That means the new gas stations can complete on price, quality and service.

An economic benefit of  US$250 million is anticipated as new gas stations get built.

Milenio News reports at least 500 gas stations are needed in Yucatán state to reach the needs of a growing population of both people and cars.

In his recent visit to Mérida, the federal agency’s commissioner, Guillermo Ignacio García Alcocer, acknowledged a shortage of gas stations.

An analysis by the state Department of Urban Development and Environment (Seduma) estimated a growth prospect of about 250 new gas vendors, while the business chamber Canacintra says that twice that many could succeed here.

“In international regulations there is a calculation of a certain number of gas stations for a certain amount of vehicles in the state. This condition has not reached its limit in the entity, so definitely the number of gas stations in the entity will continue to rise,” said the state agency.

In Sonora, for example, with just over 3 million people, there are 5,500 people per gas station. That is 540 more than in Yucatán.

Source: Sipse

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