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Sunday, July 3, 2022

New-generation ADO buses to hit the road in Mérida

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New ADO buses are on display at the Mérida terminal. Photo: Facebook

Mérida, Yucatán – The ADO bus company has introduced 10 new bright-red buses to its fleet here.

The next-generation buses will travel the Mérida-Cancun, Merida-Playa del Carmen, Merida-Chetumal and Mérida-Ciudad de Carmen routes.

Red buses signify the standard line, which still has air-conditioning, three HD televisions and bathrooms.

ADO will introduce new buses to its luxury Platino and GL lines this year and part of next.

The newcomers were presented formally at the three-month-old Caucel terminal, headed by Ricardo Flores Serrano, commercial manager; and Jassiel Núñez Hernández and Cristina Herrera González, sales leaders of Mérida and Came Terminal, respectively.

The buses add to a fleet of 60, and come at a cost of 250 million pesos, according to ADO.

To promote the new buses, a 25 percent discount is offered through July 15.

The new buses seat 44 passengers in comfortable reclining seats, said Flores Serrano.

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