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New South Korean docuseries being filmed on the Peninsula, featuring Yucatán Magazine editor

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Carlos Rosado van der Gracht, seated right, enjoys some seafood tacos with the show’s main host while discussing cuisine in Yucatán at Mérida’s Santiago Market. Photo: Yesica Benitez

Yucatán Magazine’s editor, Carlos Rosado van der Gracht, has another project over the next several days. He is consulting for a South Korean television series in which he appears as an authority in the culture.

Rosado was hired to lead the crew through several of the Peninsula’s most culturally significant attractions and appear on camera with the show’s main host for several segments. The Mérida native also interviews, in Spanish, many other locals being featured in the docuseries.

The seven-person Korean crew has filmed in several points of interest in Yucatán including the archaeological site of Yaxunah, a community seed bank, cornfields, and several city markets.

Though the Korean docuseries centers around tacos and food in Yucatán, the crew decided to also cover chapulines, a type of grasshopper often eaten in tacos and tlayudas, most often in Oaxaca. Photo: Yesica Benitez.

Aiding Rosado van der Gracht is Yucatán Magazine’s marketing director, Yesica Benitez, serving as a location scout.

The show, focused on tacos and Yucatecan cuisine, will also feature several segments at ancient Mayan sites co-hosted by Rosado, who writes Yucatán Magazine’s weekly column, Archaeology Monday.

“It’s so exciting to be working on such an awesome project. The production values are truly amazing and I am sure the show will be a hit,” Rosado said after a second long day of shooting.

The production is scheduled to continue throughout the week, but the locations yet to be visited remain under wraps for the time being.

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