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New wind farm is Yucatan’s 5th clean-energy site

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A new wind farm was inaugurated on land between Progreso and Merida on Monday. Photo: Courtesy

Yucatan Gov. Mauricio Vila Dosal on Monday inaugurated a new wind farm, the fifth renewable-energy project completed in the state.

The three wind farms and two solar parks collectively generate 300 megawatts, according to the Yucatan government.

With Yucatan’s current wind and solar parks in operation, along with clean-power plants operated by the federal power utility CFE, the state’s percentage of clean energy consumption reaches close to 50%, Vila Dosal said.

The Progreso wind farm was developed by Energia Renovable de la Peninsula SAPI de CV, a partnership between Mexican renewables firm Vive Energia and Chinese turbine maker Envision Energy. It opened despite opposition from indigenous communities fearing encroachment on their land, trampling Maya heritage.

The investment in the project totaled $US155 million.

The wind farm off the Merida-Progreso highway is made up of 36 turbines with 55-meter blades installed on 120-meter towers. The governor climbed to the top of one for a view of the entire facility. Progreso’s huge pier was in view.

The governor added that the Yucatan government would do everything in its power on the local and federal levels to support renewable energy projects.

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