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Newcomer profile: A mobile language studio

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daniloMérida, Yucatán —A new language-learning service offers not only Spanish, but also sessions in Swedish, Catalan and Serbian.

But founder Danilo Nal, 26, rejects a fixed classroom environment or a syllabus that’s etched in stone.

Danilo Nal
Danilo Nal

The core philosophy of Å Language Studio is to offer 100-percent tailor-made classes designed around each student’s needs and preferences.

And the classes are anywhere the students feels comfortable. A park? A Starbucks? At home? Fine.

Danilo explains that Å Language Studio is a one-man project. This one man brings impressive credentials, however.

“Before moving to Mexico a couple of months ago, I taught Spanish at the Free University in Berlin and previous to that, I studied for an MA degree in Teaching Spanish in Multicultural Contexts at the University of Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. I also lived in Sweden for a while, learning the language, and worked at the Mexican Embassy in Serbia as a translator.”

Danilo is originally from Serbia, but moved to Spain as a teen.

“Before I moved to Mexico, I’d visited the country a couple of times and felt the wish to stay and live here every time I’d have to go back to Europe,” Danilo recalls. “So, last summer I decided to give it a go after finishing my studies in Berlin, moved to Mexico City, where I was supposed to start teaching Swedish at the Tecnologico de Monterrey, met “the one” there and moved to Mérida with him — he is from around here. So, that’s the story more or less Right now I’m enjoying the life here and seeing how it goes!”

Danilo also offers translation services.

Visit Å Language Studio website and like the Facebook page.

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