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More trees to shade the Paseo de Montejo

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Handout photo
Handout photo

Mérida, Yucatán — The city is planting 27 trees along the prolongacion Paseo de Montejo, from the Monumento a la Patria north to Calle 19 in Col. Itzimná.

Chosen for a root system that’s safe for sidewalks, the “Jicarilla” were planted in 80-centimeter-wide cutouts.  In two to three years, they should become ample shade trees for pedestrians.

This reforestation projects follows another planting on the street’s median.

In narrow sidewalks of the historic center, more homeowners are choosing to plant trees as well. Black calabash trees are prevailing because they fit in tight spaces, don’t drop their leaves, and have sidewalk-friendly roots.

A good example of the black calabash, or Amphitecna latifolia, can be seen on Calle 53 between 62 and 64.

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