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News we’ve waited for in Yucatán’s COVID saga: No one died for a day

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Yucatán recorded no coronavirus-related deaths on Friday, a hopeful milestone in the state’s pandemic recovery.

Almost every day since late April 2020, we’ve endured a daily death toll, except for one blip on Oct. 15 of that same year. It felt like a fluke, since nine people perished the day before.

So 512 days later, it was a relief to hear the news we’re been waiting to hear.

“This is thanks to the effort of the Yucatecos and the work we have done together,” said Gov. Mauricio Dosal, who urged residents to stay on guard.

Face masks remain mandatory in public, although tourists are less likely to abide by the rule. Cloth masks provide no protection from the current variant, Omicron, he said.

Nine new infections were also reported by the health department. Public hospitalizations were stable at 28 and home quarantines rose by five to reach 283.

Until Friday’s news, the week’s fatalities were no more than two a day.

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