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Next year, 911 will handle all emergencies

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Emergency phone call

Calling for help will be easier in 2016. The Federal Telecommunications Institute has established 911 as the uniform emergency number for fire, police and other services.

This replaces a series of emergency numbers: 060 (Local Police), 061 (State Judicial Police and the City), 065 (Red Cross), 066 (National Emergency Response System of Citizenship), 068 (Fire) and 080 (Security and Emergency); all must migrate to 911, which will be administered nationally by the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System, which also will be responsible for a 089 line for anonymous calls. 

The new number applies to both land lines and mobile phones. It overturns earlier legislation that designated 066 as the national emergency number. The changeover will be announced, and advertised heavily, early next year.


Source: Forbes

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