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No letup: 11 deaths, 59 new coronavirus cases reported

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Yucatan’s public hospitals get scrubbed and sanitized during the coronavirus crisis. Photo: Courtesy

COVID-19 deaths in Yucatan grew Thursday to 181 when 11 more fatalities were reported, tying the May 21 record for deaths in one day.

Another 59 new infections outpaced the 50 new recoveries reported by the Yucatan Health Ministry. Cases in the state have grown to 1,675 since the crisis began, suggesting a nearly 70% recovery rate.

New cases included 25 in Merida; five in Kaua; four in Samahi; three in Ticul; two in Acanceh, Hunucmá, Kanasín, Oxkutzcab, Tecoh and Umán; and one case in Chankom, Chapab, Chicxulub Pueblo, Izamal, Maxcanú, Peto, Tetiz, Tinum, Tixkokob and Tzucacab.

A 36-year-old Merida man was the youngest to perish. He had a medical history of hypertension and obesity. An Acanceh woman, 77, was the oldest.

There are 149 patients in the hospital, two more than Wednesday.

Yucatan’s report was 50 minutes late on social media Thursday, causing concern among Facebook followers.

A Facebook Live video has faithfully been broadcast promptly at 6 p.m. every night for weeks. The only time it was late was the day multiple infections were detected at Merida’s main marketplaces. That day, the broadcast was delayed 30 minutes, so its tardiness was worrying.

No explanation was offered on the Facebook page where the video normally appears.

Motul staying dry?

Although the statewide dry law concludes May 31, Motul Mayor Roger Aguilar Arroyo proposed extending it at least 15 more days in his city.

He explained that the ban on alcohol sales has made the streets safer, although others have argued that fewer accidents could also be attributed to quarantined drivers.

Since April 10, Yucatan’s “ley seca” has been followed by at least 19 deaths from adulterated bootleg alcohol or from drinking hand gel.

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