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Planning Your Trip to Yucatan

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Yucatan is one of the most popular states to visit in Mexico. Thousands of tourists head there every single year — and you might be next. If you’re planning to go on a trip to Yucatan either this year or next year, then you’ve come to the right place. In this jam-packed guide, you can get all the advice and information you need to plan a successful trip to Yucatan.

1. Prepare for the Yucatan Nightlife

Yucatan is one of the best party states in Mexico. While you’re there, you can enjoy a wide variety of bars, clubs, and even casinos. Yep, that’s right: the gambling scene is pretty popular in Yucatan, which is why it’s home to some of Mexico’s best casinos, including:

  • Dubai Palace Casino
  • PlayCity Casino
  • Casino La Cima

Before you gamble in Yucatan, Mexico, don’t forget to take your ID with you, as you’ll need to prove that you’re above the age of 18. Also, tourists who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs aren’t allowed to gamble in Mexico, which is another important thing to bear in mind.

If you’ve never gambled before or simply want to improve your gambling skills, it’s a good idea to play online roulette at JackpotCity Casino. The reason for this is because roulette is especially popular in Mexico, so you’ll be well prepared to win big at the roulette tables when you hit up the Yucatan casinos. Of course, all of JackpotCity Casinos games are safe and gambling certified, so they’re the perfect online platform for practicing.

2. Book a Nice Vacation Rental

Through Airbnb, you can browse through the hundreds of different vacation rental spots that are available throughout Yucatan. For example, there’s the highly popular Casa Castellanos, which won the ‘Best Unique Spot Holiday Home 2021′. Here you’re situated in the heart of Yucatan and have 19 x 10 feet swimming pool on-site, allowing you to truly live your best life.

3. Visit Popular Tourist Attractions

When you usually go on holiday, you like to visit all of the popular tourist attractions, right? Well, the good news is that Yucatan is home to some amazing tourist attractions, such as Chichén Itzá, which is an ancient, ruined city. Here, you can literally transport yourself back in time thousands of years and get a small sense of what life was like for the Mexican people way back then. Remember to bring your best camera, too, because the photo opportunities are endless.

4. Enjoy the Food

It’s no secret that Mexican food tastes amazing. While you’re in Yucatan, you’ll be able to try lots of different food at the popular food spots, from Rockas Beach Town Grill to Osteria De Roma. Best of all, many of Yucatan’s popular food spots let you eat in or take out, whichever you prefer. If you’re busy and want to keep walking around, you’ll be able to (most of the time) walk in, grab some food, and then take it with you.


Yucatan, Mexico is one of the best parts of Mexico to visit at any time of the year. Make sure you follow the tips provided here to ensure you have the best trip possible. Enjoy!

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