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Pro tip for Airbnb hosts: Create a 5-star experience for the senses

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Cory Gash
Cory Gashhttps://www.burroyflauta.com/
Cory Gash is one of the owners of Burro y Flauta Vacation Homes, which has served thousands of vacationers for nearly a decade.

If you are an owner of a vacation rental home, then you know the importance of getting good reviews. Anything less than five stars can lose the attention of every future potential guest who reads the reviews before booking your rental. So how does an owner obtain good reviews? The most obvious answer is to care about the experience of your guests. Make a point to engage their senses — sight, smell, hearing, and touch.

The first and most basic requirement is to ensure that the property is clean. Visually, there is nothing more off-putting when you enter your vacation property than the sight of dirt and garbage from the last guest. The home must also smell clean. If the guest can detect cigarette smoke from the last guest, then they will think the home is dirty. Freshly mopped floors or pleasant air fresheners will put your guest into the right mindset at the beginning of their stay. 

First impressions are everything.

Next, think about what you need when you are traveling. The basics include a good mattress, high-quality sheets and pillows, fluffy towels, comfortable seating, good shower pressure, and ample hot water. All of these must feel luxurious. A guest wants to be pampered when on vacation. Don’t let your home disappoint them.

Then move to the features that you appreciate such as a fast Wi-Fi that extends through the entire home, a coffee maker complete with coffee, a Bluetooth speaker so that the guest can play their own music, as well as basic cooking needs. And what makes vacation time truly special? A nice pool, concierge amenities, and personal touches make the home memorable. A well-researched guide with recommendations on restaurants and sights will be appreciated. Guests often have never been to the area and might be overwhelmed with the options. Point them in the right direction.

If problems arise during the stay, then respond promptly and courteously. As property owners, you know the constant maintenance required on homes here in Mérida. Try to address the issue within a few hours when possible. A small gift like a bottle of wine will go a long way to smoothing over any bumps. 

Remember that much of the guest experience will depend on the attentions of your staff, so select your staff carefully, train your staff well, and compensate them fairly. Your staff is an extension of your business. They must work as hard to ensure its success.

Finally, don’t forget the personal touch. Put a face to the online name. Greet your guests personally and be attentive to their needs. Respond to their inquiries and concerns promptly and thoughtfully. Let them know that you are working to ensure that their vacation is unforgettable. Treat your guests as you would like to be treated when on vacation and the five-star reviews will follow! ′

Cory Gash is one of the owners of Burro y Flauta Vacation Homes, which has served thousands of vacationers over the last seven years.

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