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Holiday prices monitored in stores, stalls

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Día de Muertos in Mérida last night. Photo: City of Mérida
Día de Muertos in Mérida last night. Photo: City of Mérida

Businesses should think twice before spiking prices, or not properly posting them, during Day of the Dead celebrations, consumer advocate José Nevárez said.

Last year, 10 businesses were suspended for raising prices of products relevant to Hanal Pixan. And goods ranging from turkey to sweets to candles would be considered a part of the celebration.

The operation, conducted by Yucatán’s delegation from Profeco, will continue all weekend.

The program is being carried out nationally and will monitor shops and stalls selling flowers, candles, ornaments, bakeries and costumes.

To report a discrepancy, call 01 800 468 8722 or 923 23 23. The local Profeco office is at 479-A, Calle 49, between calles 54 and 56.

See the city’s photo gallery from yesterday’s celebrations.

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