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Progreso builds moorings to organize fishing boats along the beach

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Progreso’s new moorings encourage fisherman to tie their boats along the beach. Photo: Punto Medio

Progreso, Yucatan — An increasingly image-conscious port city has placed posts along the beach to discourage fishermen from scattering their boats on the sand.

The Directorate of Fisheries of the City of Progreso asked coastal fishermen to moor their boats in the area of the new “International” boardwalk.

The Malecon Internacional de Progreso extends the original promenade to the west, past the pier, and has a carousel and various small attractions.

For years, fishermen left their boats in apparently random spots on the beach. But the current administration, which has already cracked down on littering and beach vendors, wants things done in a more orderly fashion.

More than 20 anchor posts were placed along the shore from Calle 86 to 92.

Punto Medio reported that the fishermen collaborated with the City Council on the project and were thankful for the moorings.

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