Progreso rehabs 25 beach access roads

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Map adapted from a Diario de Yucatan graphic

Progreso, Yucatan — One month after its beach recovery program began, the City Council reported that it intends to rehabilitate 25 access roads to the beach.

It’s an all-hands-on-deck initiative. Members of each city department are rolling up their sleeves to help with the grunt work.

The city will remove garbage, plant palm trees and install lighting and wooden fences to prevent trucks from dumping yet more refuse.

In addition, access roads will have new lighting and signage that reads, in Spanish, “Help us to conserve clean beaches, recovered space.” A hashtag, #ProgresoEsDeTodos, punctuates the message.

The announcement about the 25 streets to be rehabilitated was made just ahead of the summer holidays, which begin Tuesday, June 25 when the first school vacations begin. More schools close the following Monday, July 8, and the remainder begin summer vacation on Monday, July 15.

The City Council and Mayor Julian Zacarias Curi reported that the 25 rehabilitated access roads are between Calle 18 and 58 in Progreso, and from Calle 34 to 54 in Chicxulub Puerto.

Each city hall department is pitching in: Calle 58th is assigned to Administration and Human Resources; Calle 52, to Fishing; 50, to Treasury; 38, to Education; 28, to Protocol and Logistics and 22, to Social Communication.

In Chicxulub, Calle 54 goes to Transportation; 40-A, to Social Development, 40, to Legal; 36, to elected officials, and 34, to the Municipal DIF, for example.

“Officials and employees of the city have given themselves to the task, not only to clean up the coast but also to manage with society all that is necessary to leave the access to the beach in optimum condition,” reads a City Council bulletin, in Spanish.

“These rescue works represent a donation from the officials, since they contribute their own work and resources,” it adds.

The bulletin stressed that “it is not closing accesses, only recovering beaches.”

Neighbors were invited to be vigilant against vandals and garbage dumpers who would undermine the effort.

Source: Diario de Yucatan

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