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Quintana Roo governor tests positive for coronavirus

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Quintana Roo Gov. Carlos Joaquín González. Photo: Courtesy

Quintana Roo Gov. Carlos Joaquín González confirmed Thursday that he has tested positive for coronavirus.

González, 55, indicated that he will quarantine himself at home, where he will continue working.

Through his social networks, the governor indicated that he felt no symptoms but took a precautionary test to check if he was carrying the virus that causes COVID-19.

“Due to my actions as governor, I have monitored my health,” González wrote, in Spanish, on Twitter. “The test I had this week has been positive for COVID-19. I feel good and in a responsible way I will stay at home always attentive to the actions of @GobQuintanaRoo.”

He is not the first Quintana Roo government official to contract coronavirus. Comptroller Rafael del Pozo and Labor Secretary Catalina Portillo also were found to have the virus when tested.

González was born on Jan. 6, 1965, in Cancun, the half brother of Pedro Joaquín Coldwell, a former PRI president, senator and former secretary of energy.

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