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Rail cars to begin migration away from La Plancha

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Guillermo Cortés González, left, a state planning official, reviews plans for tracks headed to Umán’s new freight station. Photo: Diario de Yucatán

In a few weeks, much of the railway traffic chugging through Mérida will start heading out of town, to the new Center of Rail Operations in Umán, just outside the city.

Freight rail operations at the La Plancha rail yard in the Centro are moving in time for work to begin on a “Central Park”-like green space there.

With the completion of tracks 1 and 2, the old railway site will be liberated from its historic duties as a freight station, said a state planning official, Guillermo Cortés González.

Once the tracks are ready, old rail cars and locomotives abandoned at La Plancha will be removed, he said.

A more spacious and high-tech freight station in Umán began construction in March. It is more than halfway completed.

The new terminal will also be the headquarters of FIT, which operates the Yucatan-Coatzacoalcos railroad, also known as the Mayab Line.

The new 76-million-peso terminal has its own new network of railway lines and an intermodal terminal, plus offices, an access road and a perimeter fence surrounding 37 acres.

Source: Diario de Yucatán

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