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Readers nominate Yucatán 5 times in Food and Travel poll

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Voting has begun on Food and Travel’s website.

Yucatán state has earned five nominations in Food and Travel magazine’s latest reader poll.

The region is competing again to be the “Best Destination of Mexico” and hopes for a three-peat as “Best Gourmet Destination.”

The iconic Rosas & Xocolate Hotel is nominated as “Best Urban Hotel” and Celestún’s Xixim hotel is under the “Best Organic Hotel in Mexico.” State-of-the-art K’u’uk restaurant is competing for the “Best Restaurant” award.

Voting has begun and continues until Oct. 20 on the Food and Travel website. To get a ballot, register with your personal information. Voters must list opinions on chefs and restaurants in Mexico City before the page with Yucatán’s nominations appear.

The nominations come from readers. All voters have a chance to win a roundtrip flight for two to Peru.

Yucatán has done well in previous Food and Wine reader surveys. It has twice been named “Best Gourmet Destination in Mexico,” and both Rosas & Xocolate and Xixim have come out on top in past results.

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