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Thursday, December 1, 2022

‘Real Expats of Yucatán’ debuts on Bravo

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Filming has wrapped on the first season of Bravo TV’s “Real Expats of Yucatán,” a new reality program that follows the adventures of seven high-spirited frenemies as they adjust to their new lives in Mexico.

Tables will be flipped over everywhere from La Negrita to Rosas & Xocolate as feuds escalate and tensions rise, following the template of a successful franchise begun by the “Real Housewives” in Orange County, Atlanta and New York.

Already, the New York Times is lauding the program as “the next logical step of a remarkable formula that brings real-world issues to cable television with intelligence and great shoes.”

In other news, gas prices are plunging, with Yucatán being given a special discount. Construction on the transpeninsular train begins Jan. 1. And don’t forget that vinyl siding is now an INAH-approved option in the Centro.

Chichén Itza is crumbling? That's the headline on a day when you really can't trust the headlines.
Chichén Itza is crumbling? That’s the headline on a day when you really can’t trust the headlines.

You’d think these were jokes, if it were April Fool’s Day. But then again, it’s Mexico, and we don’t have to wait until April 1 to pull a prank.

Today is “Día de los Inocentes,” Fool’s Day, in Latin America and Spain. We fell for it last year when Progreso Hoy published a story about police suddenly tolerating drunken driving.

Pulling pranks on Dec. 28 is a thousand-year-old tradition and is rooted in tragedy. It began as the Catholic feast of the “Innocent Children” in commemoration of Herod’s massacre of all male children under 2 years when Christ was born.

Over time, a pagan tradition was established to replace the gruesome memory. To this day, newspapers and TV stations prank their audience with false stories every Dec. 28.

So no, there are no “Real Expats” coming to Bravo, although we do know of at least one television pilot about expats in Mexico that really is in the works.

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