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Residents asked to disinfect trash bags before leaving them on the curb

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Pamplona workers ask customers to spray disinfectant on their trash bags or cans. Photo: Courtesy

Merida, Yucatan — Pamplona garbage-collection customers are asked to disinfect the trash bags they set on the curb.

Garbage collectors, vulnerable to bacteria and virus that circulate, are asking their customers to help keep them safe from contagion. Already they wear face masks and gloves as a contingency against coronavirus.

On social media, the Pamplona company, which shares a city contract with two other waste collectors, asked the people who take out their garbage to spray their bags or trash cans with alcohol or chlorinated water for the safety of the garbage collectors.

If a person with the virus touches their trash can and trash collectors then touch that same trash can, they could have the virus on their work gloves. The next house’s trash can will then be touched with the same gloves and repeatedly spread hundreds of times a day.

This one precaution costs almost nothing, but can mean everything to the garbage collectors who are not allowed to stay home, but continue to work to keep our city clean, they said.

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