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Rumors of a new volcano rebuffed in Michoacán

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Steam and ash is not evidence of a new Parícutin Volcano, said experts in Michoacán. Photo: Facebook

Venustiano Carranza, Michoacán — Talk of a volcano forming in the ground was shut down after investigators declared that steam rising from the ground was something more benign.

Composting organic vegetation is causing the ash and the release of steam from cracks in a field in the community of Pueblo Viejo, said Civil Protection officials.

Although residents have been advised there is no danger, soldiers have been deployed to the field to seal it from public access.

According to villagers, the area was flooded and formed a marsh land which was dried about four years ago, said the agency of the Ministry of Interior.

In the place was observed that in a depression of the soil accumulated garbage and gravel and “it is possible that at this point the fire has been initiated superficially, from a burning or bonfire.”

The researchers reported that in the site, the temperatures of the materials reached 360 degrees Celsius, so the National Civil Protection Coordination urged people not to approach the area and avoid walking on the affected area or on its shores, and Which could be burned.

The villagers can be excused for assuming a volcano was forming in real time. It has happened before, fairly recently, and just a four-hour drive away.

Parícutin Volcano surged suddenly from a cornfield in 1943, attracting worldwide attention.

Nine years of stone, ash and lava followed, leaving behind a 424-meter-high (1,391-foot) cone. Three people were killed and two towns were evacuated and buried by lava.

Parícutin is now dormant and has the honor of being one of  CNN’s Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

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