Salbut festival in Seye celebrates food of Yucatan

Seye is holding its first-ever Salbut Festival. Photo: Courtesy

Seye, Yucatan — Delicious salbutes with breaded shrimp, queso relleno, pulpo and carne asada can be found at today’s Salbut Festival, starting 5 p.m., in this smallish city southeast of the capital.

This unique culinary event is reached from Merida via the Merida-Cancun highway at kilometer 29, about a half-hour drive.

More than 30 exhibitors will participate in the first-ever Salbut Festival, half serving straight-up Yucatecan food, with the other half offering their own twists on the classic.

With this event, the municipality adds to the list of gastronomic festivals in Yucatan, where pib, ice cream and the chicharra are also celebrated.

Salbutes traditionally start with a corn tortilla fried in oil or lard (preferably), until it is slightly puffed up but still soft. It is topped with shredded lettuce, sliced ​​tomato, pickled onion, shredded turkey or chicken and avocado.

Panuchos are similar, but have black bean paste stuffed inside the puffed-up tortilla.

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