Santander bank cards falsely marked ‘stolen’ after system update goes awry

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Santander has offices on the Paseo de Montejo in Merida. Photo: File

Santander customers are reporting the debit cards erroneously marked as stolen when they try to use them.

Cashiers are forced to withhold the bank cards, and ATMs are eating them, customers say on social media.

Users are also finding the app is glitchy when they want to transfer funds.

Karla, a Grupo Santander client, told El Universal that she wanted to make a payment at a gas station, but the terminal marked the card stolen. She lost possession of the card and she has to borrow money from family until the issue is resolved.

Three ATMs were broken in a Santander kiosk in Merida, on the Paseo de Montejo’s hotel zone. The final one conked out after eating a debit card from another bank.

Santander advises clients to call the emergency number on the ATM, or the issuer of their lost bank card.

Officials at Santander says the failure is due to a system update gone wrong.

“We inform you that we are doing an update, so some cards have been retained by our ATMs or were rejected when making a payment. If your card was withheld, you must report it by phone to the number that appears in the ATM to generate a replacement. We hope to complete the correction shortly,” reads a statement from the bank.

Santander, a 163-year-old Spanish conglomerate, is the world’s 16th-largest banking institution.

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