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School parents make “coperacha” for internet access before classes start

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Only three out of 10 students at the 22 de Febrero CROC high school have returned to their classrooms, so parents are pitching in to buy Internet access for the rest.

Aury del Carmen Ortega Rodríguez, principal of the secondary school located in Mérida’s Vergel III subdivision, said that the parents, together with the teachers and administrative personnel, have organized Internet service so that the teachers can offer distance learning.

A small percentage of students will return to the classrooms in Mérida. Photo: Courtesy

She commented that although only 30% of the student body opted for on-site classes, it has been the parents who will pay for the Internet, whether or not their children continue their studies on-site.

They are making a voluntary contribution of 300 pesos, making up for a lack of support from the Secretary of Education.

Teachers have trained in a new health protocol, but many parents are choosing long-distance. Photo: Courtesy

Ortega Rodriguez said that those who will be under the classroom modality will also give a single contribution for the entire school year since they are building sinks so that when their temperatures are taken, they can wash their hands immediately, and then they can safely access their classrooms.

The high school has an enrollment of 470 students. The principal estimated that the funds will cover Internet access for the entire school year, as well as the construction of the lavatories.

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