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Scooped again! Mary Valle delivers frozen treats to her fans

A pandemic-induced career shift brought forth the scientific 'Scoop Goddess' of Ela2

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All you have to do is read one of her social media posts and you can’t help but fall in love with her.

This past week on Facebook, business visionary Mary Valle, posted, “How’s the Ice Cream? You’re so quiet, is it because you have your mouth full?”

What’s not to like about that?

Mary Valle, a criminal lawyer by trade and native to the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain, arrived in Merida about three years ago with her husband. Making her home in Jardines del Norte, a colonia northeast of Centro, with her three adopted dogs, her vision was a quiet and peaceful life here in Yucatan.

With the onset of COVID-19 and the loss of her employment as the general manager of Pho MX when it closed, Mary took the lemons that she received and made herself some lemonade.

“It was my dream to open a business with my husband since moving to Merida,” she said.

“The timing was never right,” she added. The current pandemic situation was more than enough reason.

“Surviving the pandemic,” says Mary, “was the ultimate deciding factor.”

Referred to at the beach amongst her followers as “The Scoop Goddess,” Mary has her own special Facebook group of devoted fans of her homemade ice cream and sorbets.

“I come from a long line of ice cream makers,” she says. “Over three generations of my family have been making people smile with creamy delights.”

Mary, who often is called Ethel, is completely passionate about what she is doing, her flavors are endless from raspberry to chocolate walnut to dragonfruit sorbet. She prides herself with her innovations and creative flavors using only natural and organic ingredients.

With over 200 flavors of homemade creamy ice cream and sorbets, keeping up with her can be a daunting task. Each week she features four different ice cream flavors, and three to four sorbets, depending on what is available for ingredients.

“It must be fresh or I won’t use them,” she added, referring to the local ingredients. This would also include her very own keto and vegan line, which changes weekly.

So how does one get this precious treat?

“I have a Facebook page as well as the beach group page,” Mary said. She encourages you to like her page, Ela2 which stands for the scientist equation to ice cream E=la2. If you say it out loud, it sounds like the Spanish word for ice cream, “helados,” or if you say it in English with an accent it sounds like “gelato.”

With over 500 fans and growing daily, this is the best place to find your smile while trying her creamy goodness.

Her prices vary and as many would attest, worth every peso. Mary is no stranger to connecting with her clients. Facebook messenger is fast and she delivers to the beaches and Centro.

“Delivering sunshine and a little hope when the world needs it most,” Mary, a true inspiration during these crazy times.

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