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See Inside ‘Casa China,’ Which is on the Market for 40M Pesos

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The attention-getting “Casa China” in Col. Mexico is for sale. Photo: Courtesy

An iconic Chinese-themed house in Col. México is on the market. Its real estate listing offers a glimpse of what’s inside the flamboyant green pagoda-themed property.

And anyone who’s ever driven by the house must have been curious about what’s inside. 

The huge six-bedroom property on Calle 19 and Avenida Libano belonged to Miriam Echeverría y Boldo, who died in 2022. It’s offered at 40 million pesos (about US$2.2 million), furniture included. 

Now that Casa China is on the market, the public gets a glimpse of what’s inside. Photo: Courtesy

The “Chinese House” in Mérida is striking for its pagoda-shaped roofs, delicate lattices and graceful dragons at the entrance. Inside, the house is equally over-the-top. 

The interiors at Casa China can best be described as 1980s glamour. Photo: Courtesy

Miriam Echeverría, according to those who knew her, was elegant, statuesque and envied by certain members of Mérida society. 

Casa China was decorated in a consistently bold manner. Photo: Courtesy

She was also a pioneering businesswoman who opened a restaurant, El Guacamayo, on Calle 60 in Alcalá Martín. 

Casa China is equally theatrical inside and out. Photo: Courtesy

Friends remember Miriam as impeccably attired, a lover of fine art and good poetry, and altruistic toward the Red Cross and groups that help patients battling drug and alcohol addiction.

Her age was a mystery, but she lived a long life. In her later years, she was seen performing errands in banks and department stores with her gold-handled cane.

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