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Selecting a sofa when furnishing your home in Mexico

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If you are furnishing new or renovating your home in Mexico, it is a good idea to start with selecting your sofa or sectional. It is generally the largest item in the room and the focal point. It is much easier to use this approach than to try to coordinate a sofa after the fact.

Since it is such an integral piece, the color you select for the cover is crucial. A well-made sofa or sectional should last at least 10 years. Trends come and go, so here are some tips to make sure you get the best value from this furniture investment.

First, decide whether you want your sofa to be the star of the room or blend into the environment. Most people prefer a neutral cover, with little to no pattern. This allows them to change up their décor easily and at a lower price should they prefer. It is much less expensive to change out décor pillows and throws than an entire sofa or sectional. Also, a couch or sectional that seamlessly blends into your wall color can make your living room look larger. Patterns tend to make spaces appear smaller.

Next, consider whether you want a lighter or darker shade. Always take in to account your floor color. A dark-colored sofa on a dark-colored floor will look quite a lot different than one on a light-colored floor. Fabrics usually absorb light, so a large, dark sofa or sectional will make your room feel even darker. To break it up a bit, consider changing the legs to metal or light wood color. Manufacturers such as Palliser offer options when it comes to legs and often at no additional cost. To offset the dark, opt for a rug and coffee table in a lighter color.

If you choose a light-colored sofa, remember to go with a performance fabric cover. These are perfect for our salty-air, humid, harsh sun-filled environment. If you have kids, pets, or rent out your home in Mexico when you are not using it, this revolutionary fabric means you no longer need to stick with dark patterns and weaves.

Finally, select the color. You cannot go wrong with a neutral-colored sofa cover. Beige, gray, taupe, and cream are the most popular choices. Within those color hues, there is a myriad of tones and textures. I love a textured cover because it creœates interest and dimension.

For those that prefer their sofa to make a statement, go bold! To create balance, add accessories to the rest of the room in the same color as your sofa. These could include throws, pillows, and artwork. The key is to balance the colors in the room.

No longer is the three-room group of furniture de rigueur. Having a matching sofa, loveseat and occasional chair are out. Instead, complement your couch with a set of upholstered chairs. The cover of the chair should not match the fabric of the sofa. Instead, look for ways to balance the pieces with throw pillows. I love to find a patterned fabric for the chairs that include the color of the sofa. Many manufacturers will let you purchase some additional material. I always grab the opportunity. It allows me to make some other décor items that I can use throughout the room to pull it all together.

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