Sergio Pérez’s F1 journey and the spirit of Mexican racing

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Photo: Unsplash/Brian McCall

Sergio Pérez started racing go-karts in Mexico at the age of six with a dream of having a career in Formula One, even though there hadn’t been a Mexican driver in F1 for a long time. His journey to Formula One, the pinnacle of motorsport, has been one of the longest and most remarkable among the current 20 drivers.

Like many other Formula 1 drivers, Pérez began his journey in karting, competing in his home country and winning races despite being the youngest and smallest as the karts got bigger. Supported by Mexican magnate Carlos Slim, the idea of moving to Europe raised concerns, but at just 14, Pérez took charge.

At 15, he traveled to Munich, Germany, in 2005, with minimal belongings and uncertainty about the future. Living in a truck-stop hotel and later a restaurant, Pérez secured a spot with the 4speed Media team. The 2006 season was crucial, finishing sixth overall in the Formula BMW ADAC series.

His dominance continued in 2007, winning the National Class of the British Formula 3 International Series and moving on to the GP2 Asia series. Victories in 2008-2009 led to a promotion to the 2010 GP2 Series (now Formula 2), where he finished as the series runner-up to eventual F1 race-winner Pastor Maldonado.

The evolving sport gambling in Mexico

As the popularity of F1 continues to grow, Mexico has seen an increasing interest in motorsport betting. Fans nationwide are engaging in betting activities, adding an extra layer of excitement to the F1 races. F1 betting has become a popular pastime, allowing fans to enjoy the thrill of the races and participate in the excitement by predicting outcomes and supporting their favorite drivers.

Mexico has become a growing hub for online gambling, thanks to changing lifestyles and increased purchasing power. Experts predict a significant growth rate of 33% in the Mexican gambling market by 2026, offering opportunities for global online casino operators.

As per the Internet MX Association, Mexico has 86.8 million Internet users, constituting 76.3% of the population. The remarkable 10.2% increase in Internet users in 2020, facilitated by smartphones, has made online casino gaming platforms more accessible for many.

Mexico comprises 31 states, spanning from the northern border with the United States to the southernmost border with Guatemala. Unlike the United States and Canada where legality of sports betting varies by province, Mexico legalized sports betting in 1947, allowing people in all 31 states to participate in sports betting.

The sports betting industry, including F1 betting, is swiftly becoming one of the world’s fastest-growing sectors. Formula 1 sports betting, once not as popular, has experienced significant growth, attracting 1.9 million fans in 2019. This surge is attributed to fans’ increasing interest in betting on F1 races and the sport’s intricate nature. 

Many fans have embraced online sportsbooks’ convenience and user-friendly nature, contributing to their dominance over traditional in-person bookies. This shift positions online sportsbooks as prominent players in the gambling industry, standing alongside casinos.

Before settling on a bookmaker, examining the sports betting markets they offer is essential. Confirm their inclusion of Formula 1 betting odds by checking their sports list, typically found under ‘Motorsports.’ Additionally, ensure they cover various popular sports alongside F1 betting options.

Efficient payment methods are crucial when engaging with an online bookmaker. If your preferred method, such as using a crypto wallet for F1 race bets, isn’t accepted, it could lead to inconvenience. Some bookmakers may advertise numerous payment options, but they might only be available for deposits, with limited withdrawal choices. Always review the complete list of deposit and withdrawal methods an online bookmaker offers.

When you’re new to an online casino, you might find yourself needing guidance on what to do next. In such cases, having assistance from the bookmaker’s customer service team is crucial. Therefore, carefully assess the customer service offered by the bookmaker.

Ensure they provide 24/7 customer service and check the response time for issue resolution. A reliable bookmaker will offer various customer service channels, including live chat, voice call support, FAQs, email support, and a community forum.

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