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Servilimpia workers stage 2nd protest over lost wages

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Workers at the trash collection agency Servilimpia protest lost wages and benefits. Photo: Courtesy

Trash collectors at Servilimpia demanded the head of the semi-autonomous city sanitation department be fired for mismanagement and violating their civil rights.

Víctor Manuel Rodríguez Rivas has shorted workers’ paychecks and withheld financial entitlements such as Infonavit, Social Security and Fonacot.

The second protest in recent weeks occurred at the company’s facilities in the west of Merida.

An agreement mediated by City Councilman Alejandro Ruz was not respected, protestors said.

Some workers on their routes have been ringing doorbells on trash night, asking residents for tips to supplement their income. At least one Servilimpia truck driver winds around city streets on Saturdays while trash collectors freelance for cash.

Julio Arcos, an employee of Servilimpia, said two colleagues lost their homes because of missing wages and benefits.

He added that full commissions are not being paid, and that bonuses are not proportional, and it all depends on the decision of the director.

Local media was told by demonstrators that they will not go on strike “since they would cause harm to citizens.”

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