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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

So many to thank for the upcoming Artscool exhibition at Hennessy’s

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Artscool At Caimede is organizing an “Artshow” at Hennessey’s Irish Pub on Nov. 30. The sale of cool and colorful artwork benefits the government-run shelter and its young inhabitants.

Behind these efforts is a veritable Who’s Who of good people and organizations who are making these charitable projects happen.

Photo: Courtesy Artscool at Caimede DIF

Artscool thanked Yucatan Giving Outreach AC for sponsoring the program’s main classes, Mike Bones for pizza and drinks, and Kathleen Guilbault Decker for much-needed class supplies.

Volunteers include Kim Anderson, John Devine, Dar Flo and family, Yamilé Cicero Dib, Eck Follen. Liz Marmolejo, Norma Marmolejo, Lizbeth Figueroa Ocampo, Moi Soto, Rick Murphy, and Jorge Marmolejo Rosas.

Photo: Courtesy Artscool at Caimede DIF

At Caimede DIF, the Artscool program embraces the artistic needs of children of various ages. The art program reaches dozens of children in the shelter, as well as adults who are living with moderate to severe challenges.

Some projects require the use of chalk, beads, paints and textiles, and donations of art supplies are always appreciated.

Kimberly Davin-De Graff is the administrator of the Artscool program under the umbrella of Yucatan Giving. The creative director, Cy Bor, is a talented artist with years of experience teaching children in various art classes. In addition, there are trained bilingual volunteers who assist monthly.

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