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Social media challenge mimics gas-pipe tragedy in Hidalgo

Game reflects 'the ignorance and irresponsibility of young people who seek to become famous on social networks'

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A dangerous social media challenge is a cruel allusion to the gas-pipe tragedy in Hidalgo. Photo: Courtesy

The state Attorney General’s Office (FGE) in Tabasco issued an alert against the #HuachicolChallenge, which alludes to the tragic blast in Tlahuelilpan, Hidalgo that claimed the lives of 114 people.

The head of the FGE Computer Crimes Investigation Unit, Ofelia Sánchez Frías, said the challenge is to spray gasoline on a person and then catch them on fire, putting their lives at risk.

It is also considered an affront to the victims of the Jan. 18 tragedy, in which a geyser of gasoline exploded at a ruptured pipeline.

“Besides being a cruel mockery and an offense to those affected by the tragedy of last week, it is potentially dangerous and deadly for those who practice it and the people around them. We ask that they not share it,” she said.

According to the authorities, some videos of #HuachicolChallenge have circulated on Twitter, reflecting “the ignorance and irresponsibility of young people who seek to become famous on social networks.”

“Not only does it risk the lives of those who practice it, innocent people may also die, oblivious to this practice,” said the official.

Sánchez Frías asked Tabascans to support the Prosecutor’s Office and not share this type of content or normalize violent behavior.

Source: El Universal 

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