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Some Mexican states drop mask mandate, but not Yucatán

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Yucatán Gov. Mauricio Vila Dosal meets with his counterparts across Latin America for a climate change summit in Brazil. Everyone was masked. Photo: Courtesy

While daily coronavirus infections are in the single digits, Yucatán still mandates masking in public spaces. But not so in Coahilla and Nuevo León, where cubrebocas are optional outdoors. Tabasco is considering doing the same.

Yucatán has not even hinted at when it might ease up on facemask requirements, which are enforced lightly.

All but one Mexican state is at the lowest-risk green light. Coronavirus cases in Mexico have dropped dramatically since record peaks in late January. Still, around 4,700 new weekly cases appear nationally on average. Around 170 die every seven days across the country.

President López Obrador has ordered an analysis of whether the ongoing use of masks is required, local media reports state.

In Yucatán, authorities still caution residents to stay vigilant. Masking remains common on city streets, except among tourists whose home countries already did away with face masks. One local businessman returning from a meeting in Las Vegas was astonished at what he saw in the Nevada city.

“No one wore masks, no one,” he said.

Yucatán’s coronavirus infections were at five on Friday while public hospital admissions rose by three to reach 13. Home quarantine cases dropped by 22 for a total of 120. Three died from the virus.

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