Stray dog, in a peculiar predicament, is finally captured and rescued

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A stray dog with her head stuck inside a large glass jar has been too skittish to let anyone help her.

But after at least six days of trying to track and capture Maysie, Niurka Izarra and her neighbor managed to catch the dog and cut the jar from her head.

“She was still very strong and it was very hard to catch her and free her,” wrote the administrator of the No Mas Perritos Facebook page.

The golden-brown female, nicknamed “Jarhead Number 8,” was seen near the Chelem dump. Photos of her walking around, somewhat resembling an astronaut with a helmet, were posted on social media.

Volunteers searched from the back road behind the dump all the way to the beach between the Ronquitos and Seb San entradas. 

Maysie tended to dart when approached by people trying to help. Neighbors worried that in the heat, Maysie would suffocate.

Rumors then circulated online that she had died. But followers on social media were relieved to find that news was false.

Residents are reminded not to leave empty jars lying around for curious animals to examine. Keeping their lids screwed on would also prevent the accumulation of stagnant rain water, creating a breeding ground for mosquitos.

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