Supermarket chain gives big exposure to small Yucatan brands

Small manufacturers in Yucatan are on Soriana shelves for a month. Photo: Diario
Small manufacturers in Yucatan are on Soriana shelves for a month. Photo: Diario

Products made by small-scale Yucatecan entrepreneurs will be on Soriana shelves for a month.

Luis Mejía, director of the Pyme Program of Soriana Organization, said a Yucatecan Products Fair was initiated at Soriana’s Merida branches at Canek, Calle 128, Sendero, Altabrisa, Gran Plaza and Los Balcones. 

The store has welcomed 55 local suppliers with a combined 332 products, which will be available until Sept. 16.

The last such fair, held in 2014, featured half that many producers and was in just three Sorianas. It is organized with the cooperation of the state department of economic development and labor.

The fair is an opportunity for small businesses to get noticed at no charge. Soriana offers shelf space for free.

Suppliers were vetted, however, for their product’s quality, labeling and economic viability.

The local offer will include coffee, whole-grain biscuits, table chocolate, juices, sweeteners, sauces, honey, sprouted alfalfa, wooden souvenirs, t-shirts, puzzles, snacks and spirits, as well as mixers for beer, garbage bags, eco-friendly drinking straws, sandals, books, organic fertilizers, frozen popsicles and pens.

Some of the products have potential to be distributed in Soriana’s stores on the northern border or in tourist zones, the store executive said.

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