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Superstitions in Gambling: Any Reasons to Believe

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Such beliefs are as old as the game of chance itself. Even though it hasn’t been proven, superstitious beliefs have earned some people success in the real world. Those who are not interested in superstition may find it laughable. But on a day when they’re betting in the best online casinos in Ontario, the minor things, like breakfast, might make a big difference.

Others attribute much of their success or failure to factors such as clothing, equipment, and the location in which they bet.

Rolling the Dice and Blowing on Them

After Marlon Brando suggested it in “Guys and Dolls,” blowing on the craps dice to bring luck quickly became a common practice. Considering the spread of COVID-19, that’s not a promising scenario for 2020. Craps players in online casinos may use this superstition to their advantage by giving their monitors a slight touch if they wish to influence the outcome of their virtual dice rolls.

It seems that blowing on the dice is a good luck charm. This procedure guarantees that all dice are functioning correctly and landing as intended. Unfortunately, many gamblers in movies set in casinos wait for their partners to roll the dice before they do so themselves.

Just picture blowing a die online. Casino superstitions are a staple and tend to be some of the more outlandish aspects of the gambling experience. These beliefs plague gamblers of all stripes, whether they choose online or brick-and-mortar dollar deposit casinos. In a casino setting, dice are taken very seriously.

Dice are usually stored securely until called for at the tables in American gambling cities. In addition, dice are regularly inspected for flaws or blemishes that could impact the results of a roll. 

Additionally, specialized micrometres are utilized to guarantee consistency in measurement. Dice cheaters often used glue to cover up the game’s numbers on one side. Changing its landing trajectory by blowing on it would wet the glue. However, with thorough inspections of the dice, dishonesty is more uncomplicated to identify than ever before.

Amulets of Fortune at the Casino

A poker player being a card counter often carries lucky mementos or talismans to boost their chances of winning. For example, they may wear a cap or card protector that was a prize from a major tournament win. Legendary poker player Johnny Chan won the World Series of Poker by keeping a Jaffa orange next to his chips on the table. Irish player Andy Black always has a bronze card protector in plain sight.

Anything from a ring or necklace to a more traditional good luck charm like a rabbit’s foot or four-leaf clover pendant might serve as a fortunate gambling charm in a casino. Of course, it’s not guaranteed to be lucky, but if the player wins large while using it, that’s evidence enough.

Additionally, these beliefs are not limited to the casino environment. For example, a recent survey conducted in the United Kingdom found that over 30% of bingo players claimed to own a fortunate dauber. In comparison, 4% confessed to bringing a lucky companion along on evenings out.

Spending Time Counting Your Cash, Using Fifty Dollar Bills and Coins

Another common superstition involves calculating your earnings at the gambling table. The practice originated with early gamblers who played poker without counting their chips until the game was over. Some gamblers feel that counting their winnings before the game has ended is unlucky. The same is true for some internet bettors who like enjoying free pokies. Using a $50 note is considered very unlucky in several cultures, particularly those who practice gambling.

For example, there is a long tradition of superstition among the American MafiaMafia. Before burial in the Nevada desert, the MafiaMafia would stuff victims’ jacket pockets with $50 before disposing of their bodies. Some gamblers, however, consider a gift of $50 to be unlucky.

Furthermore, most American counterfeit bills come in denominations of $50, and stores almost always refuse to break them. Some slot gamers believe that if they heat the coins, cool them down, or blow on them, good fortune will come in the following spin. Craps players are like that when they pick up the dice to toss them. Some dice players even blow the dice and talk to them to influence their rolls. Famously proposed by Marlon Brando in the film Guys and Dolls, this routine has since become an industry standard.

Good Numbers, Bad Numbers

To be successful in gambling, a good sense of probability is essential. Poker, roulette, blackjack, and baccarat are free casino games that rely on numbers. As with everything, there are “fortunate” and “unlucky” digits. Lucky and unlucky numbers are seen differently across cultural contexts. In the realm of gaming, the number seven is considered very auspicious. The excellent number 7 is the ideal number for success. People in countries like China often use numbers 3, 6, 8, and 9 as random digits.

Gamblers usually stick to established good patterns and numbers. However, there are situations when a few players decide to wager on a single number. They do this because they think the number portends financial success and a string of victories. However, gamblers believe you should steer clear of such numbers at all costs. In many cultures, the number 13 is considered unfortunate, whereas, in China, the number 4 is considered ominous.

Other Occurrences of Poor Luck in Winning Streaks in The Game

That figure is likely much more significant in a casino setting. It seems that players use many strategies to improve their fortune.

Some common lousy luck behaviors include:

  • Playing at a new table
  • Turning your chair during play
  • Giving money to another player
  • Whistling during play

Good luck superstitions:

  • Leaving the table before the real money runs out at the slots
  • Carrying a rabbit’s foot or other fortunate charms
  • Always wagering on your lucky number
  • Cursing against the roulette ball
  • Wearing a random costume
  • Always gambling on your lucky number


It’s interesting to learn about some of the athletes’ superstitions. No one knows whether these ideas aid gamblers in amassing an enormous fortune. However, many claim that it helps them feel more secure in themselves and their decisions. Superstitions are fascinating, and although we can’t know whether they affect a greater power level, they may boost players’ confidence and assurance. This is sometimes just as crucial as luck. It’s essential to keep these habits in check when gaming and in everyday life. The success you have playing online casino games depends on your level of self-assurance and how well your instincts serve you.

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