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Suspected burglars nabbed by police after brief struggle

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Police caught two suspected burglars inside a house on Calle 58 in Santa Ana. Photo: Courtesy

Mérida, Yucatán — Two burglary suspects were nabbed by police, who say they caught them in flagrante delicto in a Santa Ana home that sits behind the twin mansions.

The male suspects were caught around 11 a.m. Sunday inside the Calle 58 home, between Calle 43 and Calle 45, with cash and various items in their possession.

State police on patrol reportedly investigated after they noticed broken glass near the window that provided entry for the suspects. 

The suspects did not surrender without a fight. One of them sliced a policeman’s left arm with a knife.

The officer responded by firing his gun, hitting the suspect in the leg, police said in a press release.

The subject, identified only as “RJVC,” 20, was already wanted on a warrant for gang robbery.

State police also arrested “JLAL,” 23, who has also been connected with other robberies in different colonias of the city.

A third individual waiting outside in a car fled when he noticed the police presence, officials said.

The wounded suspect was transferred to a hospital by an SSP ambulance.

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