Swedish Monarchs Skip the Train on the Way to Uxmal

The king and queen of Sweden meet with the governor of Yucatán and other state authorities as part of a tour of Mexico. Photo: Courtesy

The king and queen of Sweden decided not to hop the Tren Maya after all, but we can only speculate why.

The train ride to Uxmal was scheduled for Tuesday, but they went by car instead, with no official statement to explain the change. Media outlets pointed out that environmentalists had pressured them to skip the Maya Train because of the ecological damage the project has caused.

An activist group, Sélvame del Tren, had asked the Swedish embassy “not to support the train of death” by allowing the king and queen to ride the Tren Maya.

The monarchs flew to Mérida via Aeroméxico on Thursday, meeting the governor at the airport. It was their third trip to Mexico and their second to Yucatán since 1983.

While in Yucatán, they discussed possible investment opportunities in the region. Sweden already has economic ties with other parts of Mexico, and the trip coincided with the annual Mexico-Sweden Business Forum.

They met with other state authorities and representatives of the Mayan and Yaqui indigenous peoples and toured the Uxmal archaeological zone. The trip concluded with a networking dinner at the historic Hacienda Temozon.

They returned Friday to Mexico City before their final flight to Sweden.

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