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Bacalar to host new open-water pro swimming competition

Bacalar is preparing to receive athletes from across the country for an open-water swimming championship.

Getaways: Exploring Bacalar and its astonishing  ‘7-color lagoon’

Just 30 minutes from Chetumal lay the resort town of Bacalar — one of the most stunning destinations on Quintana Roo’s extensive coast line.

Bacalar tour operators and tourists throw caution to the wind

Locals complain that tour boats routinely take on more passengers than they are legally allowed. Photo: Courtesy Residents...

Bacalar’s lagoon has begun to recover its vibrant colors

Aerial view of Bacalar in 2014. Photo: Carlos Rosado van der Gracht Bacalar's "seven-color" lagoon has begun to...

Mexico’s new frontier is south of Tulum

Cancun's success inspired further development south along Mexico’s Caribbean coast.