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Police accused of targeting street vendors and beggars in Yucatán

Allegations filed by street vendors in Progreso complain that police officers are demanding a cut of their income.

New study reveals the stunning cost of corruption in Yucatán

According to a new study by the INEGI, corruption in Yucatán costs the state 9.5 billion pesos a year, the highest in the entire country. 

Judge declares illegally obtained Seyé land deeds null and void

A judge in Mérida has ordered investors to return communal land to a Seyé ejido. 

Oil residue shows up on beaches but Pemex denies responsibility

Mexico’s state-owned oil company PEMEX is claiming that crude oil residues showing up on Campeche’s beaches are natural phenomena.

New taxes are on the way for Yucatán in 2022

Yucatán's Congress on Thursday approved a new fiscal budget for the coming year of over 42.5 million pesos. The amount will be collected through a...

Over 70% in Yucatán agree that corruption is a serious problem

In a recent poll conducted by the INEGI, 71% of adults in Yucatán reported that corruption is a serious problem in the state. 
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