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Mexico’s Isla Holbox struggles with piles of tourists’ garbage

Local officials feel that the tiny resort island has reached capacity and any further development would be catastrophic.

Supreme court shuts down massive pig farm in Yucatán

The court found that the large pig farm was causing unacceptable levels of pollution and risked catastrophic damage to the region's water supply.

Playa del Carmen hit by smoke from nearby fires

Residents and tourists in Playa del Carmen awoke this morning to find the resort town covered in smoke.

New pig farm threatens cenotes and indigenous communities in Yucatán

Environmentalists argue that the construction of a large industrial pig farm within Yucatán’s Cenote Ring could create disastrous levels of contaminants.

Yucatán’s sustainability crisis: State ranks near bottom in new report

Yucatán ranks amongst the worst states in the country when it comes to sustainability, according to a new report.

AMLO suggests ‘visas for plants’ in new initiative

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador presents his plan for Sembrando Vidas at a virtual climate summit. Photo: Courtesy

Yucatán government commits to being carbon neutral by 2030

To comply with the Net Zero Commitment, all state government buildings in Yucatán must be carbon neutral by 2030. Photo: Courtesy

Is river pollution to blame for the explosion of sargassum growth?

An attempt to contain sargasso in Mexico has some success. Photo: Courtesy Reaserchers point to pollution from rivers...

Climate change could put Yucatán’s water supply in jeopardy

Cenote X'Canché near Ek Balam. Photography: Carlos Rosado van der Gracht Scientists in Yucatán warn that within a...

Baby jaguar born last December to be called Booxo

An almost 4-month-old jaguar cub named Booxo poses for a picture at his home in Mérida. Photo: Courtesy

Bacalar tour operators and tourists throw caution to the wind

Locals complain that tour boats routinely take on more passengers than they are legally allowed. Photo: Courtesy Residents...

It’s a buyer’s market in an overbuilt Riviera Maya

Bahia Principe beach in Tulum. Photo: Getty The Riviera Maya — a 1999 rebrand of the “Cancún-Tulum corridor”...

Tren Maya project suddenly stopped in its tracks by judge

Several indigenous groups claim the Tren Maya project is an environmental disaster. Photo: File Yucatan's fourth district court...

NGO: Now is the time to take action and care for...

Plastics have become a problem for marine ecosystems arround the world. Photo: Courtesy Volunteers working with the non-governmental...

Mérida launches new app to help users identify native flora

Mérida Mayor Renán Barrera Concha demonstrates how to use ÁrbolMID app. Photo: file At an event held...

New rules in Yucatán ban the use of polystyrene

Yucatán joins cities such as Mexico City and New York in banning polystyrene. Photo: File Yucatán has...

Over 10 tons of garbage removed from 35 cenotes

Cenote X'Canché near Ek Balam. Photo: Carlos Rosado van der Gracht Some of Yucatán's treasured cenotes continue to...

State to monitor greenhouse gases, help farmers stay organic

A state Carbon Management Plan to measure greenhouse gases emissions was announced for World Environment Day.

MEL lecture: Green Development in the Yucatán

Prof. Shalanda Baker will discuss "Renewable Energy and Green Development in the Yucatán. The talk is free and open to the public By 2018, nine...

Caminos del Mayab: Ecotourism comes to Xcunyá

Three new ecotourism routes at this tiny village comisaría combine gardens, honeybees and a haunted hacienda.

Environmental requirements halt hotel project

After six years of proceedings, a large hotel project has been canceled after failing to meet the necessary environmental requirements.

Crocodile farm continues despite struggles

Ten full-time volunteers at Rio Lagartos have a long-term vision of making a living by harvesting crocodiles.

Monarch butterflies on the rebound

While still below levels recorded two decades ago, two recent surveys show North America's monarch butterflies are on a rebound.

Cooking up a new venture with local bamboo

When we saw Erich Briehl selling bags of charcoal, we figured he was on to something, so we sat down for an interview.