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Dolphin Shows Continue to Operate Across Mexico Despite Ban

According to the original plan, over 400 were to be released into the Bay of Campeche, where a federally enforced protection area has existed since 1994.

Tren Maya Construction Damages Cenotes and Caves South of Cancún

To speed up construction, engineers in charge of Route 5 of the Tren Maya resorted to pouring cement into several cenotes and caves, according to several reputable news sources, including El Financiero. 

Bees in Yucatán Dying Off in Record Numbers

Among the municipalities on the peninsula worst affected by deforestation over the past decade are Othon P. Blanco and Bacalar, both in the south of Quintana Roo, according to a recent report by Greenpeace. 

Progreso, Then and Now — From Sleepy Port to Beachside Playground

Folks from Mérida have long thought of Progreso as “their beach,” much to the chagrin of locals, who nonetheless depend largely on the constant influx of visitors.

Rains Hammer Down on Holbox Island Paradise

Over the past few days, large swaths of Holbox have flooded following prolonged storms.

Climate change and dangers to Yucatán’s cultural heritage

According to a recent NASA report, even conservative estimates project the globe should expect a sea level rise with averages of 25 to 30 centimeters, or nine to 11 inches, by 2050. 

Bike rally will ban cars on Prolongación, Paseo at rush hour

For World Car-Free Day, the Paseo de Montejo and the Prolongación will be for bicycles only. An eight-kilometer Mega Peace Rodada begins at 6...

The largest species of turtle on Earth now nests near Playa...

For the first time in 36 years, the world's most giant sea turtle has been spotted nesting on the shores of the Yuctán Peninsula.

Sierra Papacal is as delicate as it is stunningly beautiful

What truly makes Sierra Papacal stand out are its gorgeous wetlands which provide water and shelter to hundreds of species of plants and animals.

Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico threatens Yucatán coast

Environmentalists warn that such a spill is likely to do a great deal of damage to ocean life.

New direct Air Canada flight to Cozumel raises questions

Yet another first for Mexico's biggest island tourism destination.

Why it’s unclear if Tulum’s new jaguar reserve is a real...

Known formally as the Jaguar Flora and Fauna Protection Area, the limits of the reserve are being walled off by a stone perimeter to avoid encroachment by developers and squatters.

Fearing tourist trap, Sisal residents fight new beachfront project

Locals warn that if something is not done the very existence of their community is at stake.

Over 400 dolphins in Mexican tourist spots to be set free

Dolphins at dozens of tourist attractions in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo are set to be freed. The decision has come as the result...

The future of Xcaret’s new theme park in Valladolid remains uncertain

Construction at Xibalba theme park on the outskirts of Valladolid has been completed for some time now. Yet there is no firm date for the...

INAH claims new WaPo reporting on the Mayan Train is full...

The federal agency in charge of protecting Mexico’s cultural heritage strongly denied reports that it was allowing the Mayan Train project to destroy underground archaeological sites.

Rural Yucatán fights back against GMO seeds

As genetically modified crops become more prevalent in Yucatán’s fields and shops, there is a growing concern that traditional heirloom species may be lost forever. 

16 swimmers attacked, possibly by sting rays, in Progreso

The specifics of the attacks are vague, but most are thought to have involved interactions with string rays in Progreso’s shallow waters. 

Video: Red tide puts summer vacations at risk of an early...

Closed beaches and the threat of a red tide in Progreso, but not ot all is at is seems.

Does Yucatán’s red tide mean seafood isn’t safe to eat?

Red tides have been detected along the coasts of Yucatán this past weekend in Telchac, Chicxulub, and San Crisanto.

Mexico’s Caribbean coast continues to battle against record levels of seaweed

The presence of seaweed in the Caribbean is nothing new, but has increased dramatically over the past few years.

Yucatán’s amazing birds and where to find them

Several days of heavy rain have brought out our feathered friends in force, so get out there and enjoy them!

‘Red tide’ detected 7 miles off Yucatán coast

Scientists confirmed the presence of a red tide seven miles off Ría Lagartos.

Photos of a ‘red tide’ in Yucatán were actually taken in...

Images of Yucatán's coastline supposedly showing the arrival of a "red tide" have been debunked by specialists who say the photographs are actually taken in Florida.
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