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Photos of a ‘red tide’ in Yucatán were actually taken in...

Images of Yucatán's coastline supposedly showing the arrival of a "red tide" have been debunked by specialists who say the photographs are actually taken in Florida.

How one man is transforming Yucatán’s excess seaweed into homes for...

Omar Vázquez is turning this aquatic nuisance into construction material to help build affordable housing.

Tour agency in hot water after running over sea turtle nests...

A tour company has angered Río Lagartos locals after their vehicles damaged sea turtle nests on the beach — according to Por Esto. 

As droughts ravage northern Mexico, could Yucatán be next?

Droughts are particularly dire in northern states such as Nuevo Léon, where potable water has been reduced to a trickle.

Peto locals worry for the safety of a wayward spider monkey

A spider monkey has been raising eyebrows among residents of the community of Xoy in the municipality of Peto. 

Judge blocks 7-tower complex in Mérida’s north

Yucatán’s fourth district judge has ruled that the residential complex known as Infinitum is unsustainable.

Scientists warn some types of sargassum could impact on human health

Photos of Quintana Roo’s coastline covered in sargassum for weeks have been circulating heavily over news sites and social media.  And scientists now warn that...

Pig farm accused of hiding cenotes and filling them in with...

A pig farm in the municipality of Homún is being accused of filling in and hiding two cenotes from environmental authorities. 

Finding Eden and new animal friends in Sisal’s lush ecosystems

Though Sisal is known mainly for its gorgeous beaches, its coastline and surrounding mangroves are home to an extremely wide array of wildlife and landscapes. 

AMLO promises action against polluting pig farms in Yucatán

Yucatán’s status as one of Mexico’s large pork producers employs thousands across the state. But this is not without its problems.  According to a recent...

AMLO softens his stance with environmentalists blocking the Mayan Train

Amid a barrage of criticism of the Mayan Train from home and abroad, AMLO says he is ready to dialogue with environmentalists. 

Community seed banks safeguard Yucatán’s rich biodiversity

As genetically modified crops become more prevalent in Yucatán’s fields and shops, there is a growing concern that traditional heirloom species may be lost forever. 

New official video may signal Mayan Train is scaling back

After last weekend’s presidential referendum, the federal government says it is accelerating work on the Mayan Train.

New law in Quintana Roo prohibits putting most wild animals on...

Federal laws protecting wild animals from public exhibitions have long been on the books.

AMLO: Environmental opposition to Mayan Train is all about politics

Amid growing criticism, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador came out Monday to defend his environmental record.

Modelo will make its 6-pack rings with barley and wood

Mexican beer brands are ditching the nasty plastic six-pack rings. Corona introduced packaging made of barley straw and recycled wood fibers in 2021. In January,...

Mayan Train protestors tie themselves to bulldozers, delaying new jungle path

Greenpeace organizers tied themselves to heavy machinery in Quintana Roo on Monday, the latest high-profile attempt to derail the Mayan Train. At issue was a...

New report denounces violence against environmentalists in Yucatán

The not-for-profit environmental organization CEMDA has outlined eight recent attacks against environmentalists on the Yucatán Peninsula. 

Mexican celebrities join indigenous groups against the Mayan Train

The actor and producer Gael García is now among several high-profile Mexicans expressing opposition to the Mayan Train. 

Spring has sprung bright pink in Yucatán

Blues, yellows, purples, and reds suddenly seem to be everywhere, as the intense sunshine beats down upon the heat-loving flora of the Yucatán, contrasting with the Peninsula’s clear blue skies. 

Environmental group to call for meaningful action at upcoming forum in...

The environmental collective Va por la Tierra is planning a series of events to raise awareness among Yucatán's population on issues regarding water quality and climate change. 

New genetically modified maize varieties move in, threatening native species

Though more vulnerable to drought, traditional varieties of maize such as the Nuuk Nal, which has a reddish color, tend to be larger and more nutritious than their genetically modified counterparts, according to Díaz.

Massive shipwrecks in Isla Mujeres to be removed after more than...

Authorities in Isla Mujeres are planning to remove several shipwrecked boats in and around the island’s waters since 1988.

Mexico has no plan to undo environmental devastation from Mayan Train...

Mexico’s federal transparency agency requires that the Mayan Train project lay out a plan for how it will undo the environmental harm it has created.