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Tax on Uber drivers proposed

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Congress will be presented a proposal to tax and regulate Uber. Photo: Sipse
Congress will be presented a proposal to tax and regulate Uber. Photo: Sipse

Mérida, Yucatán — State government representatives met this morning to discuss reforms to the State Transportation Act to integrate Uber.

By “integrate,” they mean “tax.”

The initiative to amend the Transport Act proposes a 10 percent tax for companies that offer transportation service through mobile apps. Drivers must register annually to be in compliance with the proposed amendment. The amendment would have to be passed by the state legislature.

This affects Uber, which has recently expanded in the the Mérida market, as well as Ryde & Go, the locally owned version of the ride-sharing program.

Ryde & Go’s lawyer says that they are operating legally under the law of roads, bridges and federal motor ways.

The proposal to register drivers would ensure that ride-sharing cars carry current Yucatecan plates and their associates live in the area. Officials insist that their only intent is to protect customers.

Tensions have recently risen between Uber drivers and the established taxi drivers who are regulated by the state and have formed a union. Uber undercuts the taxis by offering cheaper rides and cashless transactions.

Source: SIPSE

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