The surprising inspiration behind Sara Maldonado Trujillo’s fast-growing beauty empire

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Yesica Benitez
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Over the past seven years, Sara Maldonado Trujillo has built her very own beauty empire from the ground up. Photo: Courtesy

Sara Maldonado Trujillo is as passionate about makeup as she is about inspiring and empowering other women. 

The Mérida makeup artist built her reputation in Monterrey but now works across the entire country and has her own makeup line and a chain of studios. She’s a social media star with over 400,000 followers on Facebook alone. 

Sara began her professional journey in 2015 with a budget of exactly zero pesos. But what she lacked in startup capital she more than made up for in passion and talent. She also took guidance from a popular author whose work has nothing to do with personal beauty.

The magic of orderliness

“It’s incredible the way in which a book can change your life,” says Sara regarding Japanese organization icon Marie Kondo’s “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.”

Sara says the book inspired her not only to get her life in order but also realize that with hard work and a little luck she just may be able to make her dreams come true.

“I remember those first makeup courses I offered. I was trembling the entire time, but I did not allow my fear to stop me,” says Sara with a huge smile. She soon moved on from offering individual workshops, to groups of up to 150 and eventually a masterclass to 9,000 women in 13 different countries. 

A recent workshop offered by Sara in Monterrey, Nuevo León. Photo: Courtesy

“I am so proud and grateful to these incredible women who have believed in me and supported the work I do. Its hard to express my love for my Parisinas,  a nickname I came up with for my followers,” says Sara.

For her scores of fans, Sara Maldonado Trujillo has become synonymous with female empowerment. She is also extremely well regarded and respected in the LGBTQ+ community with whom she has worked so much. 

Sara poses with friend of Yucatán Magazine, Jorge Gastelum. Photo: Courtesy

From Monterrey with love

After a highly unpleasant experience in Monterrey, Sara relocated with her children to Mérida without really knowing anyone in town or very much about the city at all. 

“It was a great decision, my children and I are loving life here. Mérida’s reputation for safety may have been what first attracted us here, but we fell in love with the city and its people,” says Sara.

In the coming months, Sara is planning to open a new studio in Mérida, in addition to the three in Monterrey. “I want to reach as many people as possible to bring out their inner beauty and make them feel truly divine,” says Sara.

Glow up

Aside from offering workshops, and offering her services to brides on their special day Sara loves to hit the streets and offer to “do up” complete strangers for free. “This is a truly amazing way to meet people and I have heard so many inspiring stories. It is extremely gratifying but the real joy comes when I see their faces glow up after seeing themselves in the mirror,” says Sara. 

Working with brides is one of Sara’s favorite aspects of her work, but if you are interested don’t leave it till the last minue, she is very in demand. Photo: Courtesy

As if this was not enough, Sara has also developed her own line of cosmetics available at her studios and at

Sara Maldonado Cosmetics are favored by many due to their quality and glamour. Photo: Courtesy

“My mission in life is to teach and empower women. It’s so cool because you can teach one person and then they will teach another, and so on and so on. I want to show the world that fear is normal, but that our inner strength is way more powerful,” says Sara.

Sara shares daily content with her followers across her social networking platforms.

FaceBook @SaraMaldonadoTrujillo 

Instagram @SaraMaldonadoT

Tik Tok @SaraMaldonadoT

Twitter @SaraMaldonadoT

Advanced makeup workshop

Sara’s very own line of cosmetics

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