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Theater troupe inaugurates new stage in Santa Ana

Traditional song, dance and comedy in a new venue just steps from the park

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Merida, Yucatan — A lively new theater opens today in the Santa Ana neighborhood, just steps from the park.

Teatro Casa Santa Ana will offer regional plays, comedy shows and recitals in a small restaurant setting at Calle 58 and 47. The audience is invited to enjoy snacks or drinks during the performances.

Its promotions suggest a light-hearted approach to the stage.

The first program, tonight (Saturday) at 9, is a musical comedy called “”Adventurer de la Canek.” It takes its inspiration from the Cuban rhythms of the Rumberas films from Mexico’s golden age of cinema in the 1940s and ’50s. But the show has been adapted to reflect Yucatan. Tickets are 150 pesos.

“The opening of a theater that is a showcase for Yucatecan shows is a dream that I and my team have had for seven years, but fortunately now the opportunity has been given to make it happen,” said actor Sergio Carrillo.

On weekends, a traditional musical and comedy revue, “La Noche de la Carcajada,” will feature traditional dancing, trova and sketches.

Planned productions translate to English as “The Night of Laughter,” “Poch Strawberries,” “I Fell in Love with a Mestiza,” and “The Panucho King.”

Source: Sipse

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