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Thief grabs YSO musician’s valuable French horn

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A thief has separated musician Juan José Pastor from his valuable French horn. Photo: Facebook

A musician with the Yucatán Symphony Orchestra is asking the public to keep an eye out for a piece of property that will be hard to live without: his French horn.

Juan José Pastor, a Valencian who has lived in Mexico for 15 years, was staying with friends at km. 23.8 of the Progreso-Telchac highway when a burglar made off with numerous items, including the valuable horn, an 8D Series Conn, serial number GJ940027.

Police are looking for this horn and case stolen from a member of the Yucatán Symphony Orchestra. Photo: Facebook

The theft occurred sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning, he said.

The horn has an estimated value of 100,000 pesos, or over US$5,000, according to Progreso Hoy. Friends on social media speculated that the thief had no idea what he was making off with.

A report has been filed with police, and local pawn shops will be searched, according to comments on social media.

Pastor is one of the organizers of the Mérida Brass Festival and has also performed at the Full Moon Festival in Telchac.

Reports did not indicate if Pastor has a replacement horn to finish the current Yucatán Symphony Orchestra season, which continues this weekend.

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