Tizimín boy, 13, dies from COVID-19 in lingering pandemic

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An otherwise healthy 13-year-old from Tizimín was among the 16 who died from COVID-19, Yucatan health authorities said Saturday during a daily briefing.

The coronavirus pandemic remains active in the state with 1,150 patients, 75% of whom have mild symptoms and are under home quarantine. Hospitalizations dropped by 20 to reach 314.

Another 162 new cases were reported. Daily infections ranged from 98 to 189 in the past seven days.

So far in Yucatan, 15,713 coronavirus cases and 2,094 fatalities have been counted, although the real number is generally assumed to be up to 10 times higher. Recoveries are near 80%, which is lower than the U.S. recovery rate of 95%.

New cases included 93 in Mérida, 13 in Progreso, 12 in Buctzotz and Tizimín, seven in Valladolid, four in Ticul, three in Tekax, two in Chemax, Muxupip, Temozón and Tinum; one in Abalá, Baca, Dzan , Dzoncauich, Izamal, Kanasín, Telchac Puerto, Tixkokob and Umán; and one foreigner.

Mexico registered 67,326 deaths while the number of infections increased to 629,409.

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