The Best of Yucatán Merchant Toolkit

Yucatán Magazine is asking consumers to nominate businesses for the “The Best of Yucatán.” The top finalists then move forward to the voting round starting Monday, April 15. Voting takes place for two weeks, which allows merchants plenty of time to encourage customers to support them. The participants, and especially the winners, receive a great deal of recognition, which helps them find new customers and re-engage existing ones.

This page describes three simple, free methods for getting on the ballot and then “getting out the vote” among local consumers who already know and support your business. Plus, download our free image assets to use however you’d like!

  1. Put up signs in all of your locations: We have created a customized contest decal that you can use on printed signs or other physical materials you want to make.
  2. Share on social media & email: Use our “social ready” post for super easy sharing and our “web/email ready” banner for your website and newsletters!
  3. Send emails to employees, family, friends and customers with a request for them to vote. We’ve created a starting template if you want to use it.

Download “Nominate Us” graphic here:

Download “Vote for Us” graphic:

Here’s a sample message to get your customers to nominate you starting April 1:

Subject line: Please help us enter the “Best of Yucatán” contest!

Yucatán Magazine is accepting nominations for its Best of Yucatán 2024 Awards, and we need your help to advance to the next voting stage. Let’s unite our energy to nominate BUSINESS NAME HERE. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family. We appreciate your continuous support. Vote at

Once nominated, you need your customers to vote. Here’s a sample message to motivate your customers for two weeks starting April 15.

Subject line: Please help us win the “Best of Yucatán” contest!

I’m the owner of BUSINESS NAME. Thanks for being a valued customer! We need your help! We are trying to win this year’s “The Best of Yucatán” contest from Yucatán Magazine. The contest is based on voting by consumers like you – your vote really counts! Please take a moment to vote for us here:, and thank you in advance for supporting local, independent businesses.