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Top Football Teams That Everyone Has Their Eyes Set On

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If you’re a big fan of the Super Bowl, then you must be aware of the teams that partake in the tournament. And why not? You have to watch out for your opponents when you’re supporting your team, which is only natural.

That is why you need to know what teams are having the spotlight in terms of performance, the intensity of their game, and well, team play. For that, we’re sharing some insights into the top football teams that everyone has their eyes on for the next tournament.

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Dallas Cowboys

With 8 appearances and 5 wins in the Super Bowl as of the last American Football season, Dallas Cowboys is one of the most successful teams and fan’s favorite as well. As for the overall position, the Dallas Cowboys are 3rd in the list of the 10 most successful American football teams in the Super Bowl.

New York Giants

With 5 appearances and spectacular 4 wins in the Super Bowl, the New York Giants is also one of the most competitive and famous American football teams. In addition to this, the team has also been a runner-up of the Super Bowl 2000 and has a winning ratio of 0.800 too.

Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers are also one of the renowned American Football teams that have a great fan following. The team has appeared 5 times in the Super Bowl and has won 4 of their appearances so far. The company has become a runner-up just once in its club history.

Los Angeles Raiders

LA Raiders are quite famous for their amazing gameplay that has helped the team win 5 appearances at the Super Bowl. It’s one of the top-rated teams in American Football that comes with a great fan following and has the potential to knock their opponents out without fail.

Washington Redskins

With an appearance rate of 5 times and 3 times winning rate, the Washington Redskins are some of the fan favorites in the American Football tournament. The club has been amongst the top-rated teams in the tournament and has also won 4 times American Football Conference titles, making them a scary opponent for the rest.

San Francisco 49ers

With 6 appearances as of the 2022 American Football season, the San Francisco 49ers is one of the most favored teams in the sport. The team has won all 6 of their appearances at the Super Bowl, and with a 0.83 winning ratio, the team’s a formidable opponent for their foes.

Denver Broncos

When it comes to discussing American Football, we can’t leave behind the Denver Broncos. It’s one of the most amazing teams in the sport with 8 appearances in the tournament. As for the wins, they’ve won the Super Bowl thrice and have ranked a runner-up 5 times, which is somewhat unfortunate. However, the club’s relentless appearance in the Super Bowl makes it one of the best teams too.

Pittsburgh Steelers

When it comes to wins, the Pittsburgh Steelers have some amazing stats to show off to their opponents. As of the 2022 season, the team has made 8 appearances in the Super Bowl, has won it 6 times so far, and has been placed second twice now. With these stats, the team holds top ranks in terms of performance and gameplay, which are enough to put pressure on their opponents.

New England Patriots

With 11 appearances in the Super Bowl, the New England Patriots is one of the most successful teams in American Football. The team has won 6 of their appearances so far and has been placed runner-up 5 times. The New England Patriots have a winning ratio of 0.500, making them top runners in the tournament.

Where to Watch NFL Matches?

Well, now you already know what NFL teams share the spotlight. It’s time to know where you can watch the matches live. Here are some amazing streaming platforms to keep handy:


When you’re looking to stream the NFL, then you can go for DaddyLiveHD. It comes with a huge selection of live TV channels that you can choose from. This means you have a plethora of platforms where you can watch NFL matches easily. However, since it’s an online free streaming platform, you’ll have to do with ads during the stream, a lot of them.

Channel 5

An official streaming platform, Channel 5 is your buddy with whom you can watch NFL matches without breaking a sweat. It’s easily accessible with a VPN from anywhere globally.  Moreover, there aren’t any pop-up advertisements too, which makes it quite a useful site to keep with you for NF matches.


If you’re looking for an NFL streaming website with a rich but simple interface, then SportSurge is surely one of the best sites to have. Another great thing is that it comes with no advertising and can also be used on smartphones, Fire Stick, and other options.

Closing Thoughts

Well, there you have it! With this, you can now stream NFL matches without any hassle as well as keep your eye on some of the top guns in the tournament. So, which team are you supporting?

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