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Topless bathers in Progreso told to cover up

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Julia Cristal and Jana Miró learn the difference between Spanish beaches and Progreso's. Photo: Diario de Yucatán
Julia Cristal and Jana Miró learn the difference between Spanish beaches and Progreso’s. Photo: Diario de Yucatán

Despite a common language, Mexico is not Spain.

Two women from Barcelona learned this when Progreso police came to tell them to put their bathing suit tops back on.

On Thursday, tourists Julia Cristal and Jana Miró attracted unwanted attention because they were “half-naked” on the boardwalk and on the beach.

The two women, accompanied by Ecuadorian Matias Ortega, said they are accustomed to bathing topless back home, but agreed to put the clothes after the municipal officers intervened.

The two women told a reporter from Diario de Yucatán that in their country, where there are nudist beaches, attitudes about female nudity are more relaxed. There is nothing scandalous or pornographic about exposing one’s breasts, they said.

Police arrived while the women were splashing topless in the surf. Summoned, they came back to the beach covering themselves with their hands, and then pulled on their garments. All while a journalist took photos for the newspaper.

The women are living in Toluca where they are studying nursing, and they came to visit in Mérida earlier this week. Twice they visited the port city without incident, they said.

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